The Dark Dragons!

We're dark, We're dragons, We're hidden in the shadows...We're The Dark Dragons

–The Dark Dragons


The shirt is simillar to Inazuma Japans', it is all black and it has a blue collar. The shorts are dark blue. The logo of the uniform is: A black dragon opening it's mouth, and a soccer ball in front of it's mouth. And at the end of the selves, is yellow.

Uniform (Goal-keeper)

The selves are dark grey and the body part is black. The shorts are like the other players, dark blue. And, the golves are white from the palm and grey on the other side. And, it has the logo on the body part, like the other players.


Drawing of the dark dragons

The Dark Dragons Paint Drawing. (I know, it's not that nice)

FW- Nano Ring (Captain)

FW- Konan Ushira

MF- Linda Shirakan

MF- Alice Shuri

MF- Helena Gotwill

MF- Nanashi Abashira

DF- Zoey Menshell

DF- Athena Takewood

DF- Rin Aroushi

DF- Lexi Ring

DF- Lola Nongo

GK- Jane Highwill

Coachs and Managers


Coach Lucia


Charlotte Dawnout

Roxy Midline


-Nano (10, 9)

-Konan (5, 12)


Hey guys,

You can join as a male OC now. And now I'm allowing 5 more boys to join. So you have a chance to be in the team as a male!

1: (empty)

2: (empty)

3: (empty)

4: (empty)

5: (empty)


You can be a manager, too. (Only girls)

See ya!

NanoForever (talk) 13:16, August 11, 2012 (UTC)User:NanoForever

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