Endou Mamoru was possessed by the soul of Desuta and Sein, with them inside of him Endou gained a multiple personality.


He is the same old Endou, Captain of Raimon and Inazuma Japan. After the match with the Dark Angels he tried to protect the rest of the members of Inazuma Japan along with Haruna, Rika, Touko, Fidio, Edgar, Therese, Mark and Dylan from the evil hands of Desuta. He and  Sein  did to stop his revenge and Desuta fall from the Mt.Magneto but he takes both Endou and Sein with him.



  • God Hand
  • True God Hand
  • Nekketsu Punch
  • True Nekketsu Punch
  • Bakuretsu Punch
  • Majin The Hand
  • Fist of Justice
  • Hammer of Wrath
  • Ijigen The Hand
  • Ijigen The Hand Remastered
  • True Ijigen The Hand
  • Megaton Head (Libero)
  • Dark Pulse (Libero)
  • True Killer Slide (Libero)
  • Volcano Cut V3 (Libero)
  • Demon Ball (Libero)
  • Angel Ball (Libero)


  • Heaven & Hell Penguins
  • Heaven & Hell Break
  • Chaos Phoenix