Dancefloor Delight is a Fanmade Hissatsu tactic made up by Kotoni~x


Kira Kotoni


The User stands still until the music starts. when it does, She walks over to one of the fowards. She then Dances with Him until he is lovestruck, they walk over to the next foward. She dances with him, Both of the targets become love struck. Then the user dances with both of them, pushes them out of the way and stands still. The user then starts spinning and then appears in a new glittery soccer kit and walks over to the midfield. She then kicks the ball up into the air and does a more glittery and dazaling version of Hoshi Kogayuku. The goalie Then trys and saves it. If it goes into the goal, she dances back into her original space and clicks her fingers like nothing ever happened. The match continues again normally. If the goalie saves it, Everything goes back to normal without The user clicking her fingers. Leaving the user really tired out.


This hissatsu tactic was never seen in the anime and was only ever seen in the movie. Kire peforms this in the match against Anceint Darkness once and scores for the team. She then trys to do this against Team Zero. It fails though leaving some of the midfielders really annoyed that they were being 'toyed' with so they started kicking the ball at her but Tsurugi and Hakuryuu stoped them leaving Kira red faced but she got switched because she couldnt move


It is seen in the 3DS game but you can only do this tactic once as it is a 'Cheat' kind of Tactic. Also the sucess rate depends on how good Kira's Control and Speed is. The higher it is, The more likely chance that it will suceed. If its low, then the chance of suceeding is not likely. This tactic can only be used by Kira Kotoni. Also if the goal keeper saves it, All of Kira's HP runs out.

Signature and Notes

  • This is my first Hissatsu Tactic! Yay!
  • This was created by me!
  • Please dont copy this, I took alot of time on this!
  • But do feel free to use this tactic but please ASK first!

Kotoni~x 16:28, April 11, 2012 (UTC)Do you like waffles? Yeah we like waffles....Kotoni~x Talk/Blog Its Over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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