Dākusākasu (ダークサーカス, dub: Dark Circus Company) is a team that originally is part of a western circus company. It's director is also the Headcoach of the companies football team. The entrance fee to the showas in the arena are very expensive, but the entry fee to the games are even higher. That also includes the team playing against Dark Circus. The Team Dākusākasu wants to challenge gets wiped out completely - and the director has the money to do so - if they deny the challenge, but if they win and loose all players, coaches and managers have to sign a lifelong contract with the company for minimum wages.


The Teams Uniform consists of a T-Shirt, with a dark red Corss (in X-Form) on a purple Underground, while the sleeves are also in dark red, and a short also in dark red. The cross also has a few black point on it in regular intervals. The captains badge is yellow. The Goalkeeper Uniform is nearly the same only the coulors are diffrent. The Cross and the sleeves are in dark brown, while the underground is dark red. The points are also black and the shorts are blood red.



1. Sakka Tanken (GK) (Taken)

2. Wara Sasuke (DF) (Wara)

3. Mahōtsukai Yoshi (DF) (Mahōtsukai)

4. Kansō Fōkumaru (DF) (Kansō)

5. Bajutsu Rena (MF) (Bajutsu)

6. Reo Shinji (MF) (Reo)

7. Atashi Sutō (MF) (Ātisuto)

8. Burasu Ran (MF) (Buranko)

9. Kurai Piero (Captain/FW) (Piero)

10. Bira Kuusuke (MF) (Bira)

11. Sōdo Suwarō (FW) (Sōdo)


12. Nagumo Kaen (GK) (Kaen)

13. Nyūryoku Mamoru (DF) (Nyūryoku)

14. Odoriko Hidetoshi (MF) (Hidetoshi)

15. Odoriko Rangiku (MF) (Rangiku)

16. Kondakutā Noboru (FW) (Kondakutā)


Director Kurai Okane (暗い お金)

Hissatsu Tactics


  • Feel free to use it in Fanfiction under two condition.
    • Wait until the Members are discribed aswell as the Hissatsu
    • Tell me when the fanfiction is done, so that I can read it


Ozora Tsubasa 22:32, August 7, 2011 (UTC)

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