Curry Ookizawa
S 0001

Japanese Name: Katakana

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Birth Date

19th July

Family Status





Carefree, playful

Fav. Food



-RW (main)-FW (depends)


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  • The name is purely made by me but it is usable for other user to use it in their character.
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  • I will be pleased if you use Curry in your story and made her your character but please DON'T fake the real owner of Curry Ookizawa.
  • Asks for permissions first before using Curry as your character.


  • Created by: Sapphirez 07:30, January 1, 2011 (UTC)


Curry is named after the food curry. She lives with her younger twin and older sister. She is clumsy enough to trip over a small pile of dust and her singing is the last thing a person would hear. She is girlish but she often being picked by the boys which will make her cry and hug Curryn. Many boys have crush on Curry, they love seeing her cute crying but they are jealous over Curryn, who always get hugged by Curry and almost every girls in the class admires Curryn. Curry likes to see Curryn in cute girl dress (the weird habit of saying MOE comes from Cream) and will eventually forces her to wear a skirt. She has a high pitch voice but is good with rythm. She can dances beautifully but her negative point is that she is an airhead, very bad at studying and always mistaken Curryn for a boy, Fruit as her Grandma and Cream as a sister-teacher. She have a fear for monster and worms.


Cream and Marque Ookizawa

Her older twin siblings who act nothing like a sibling. Marque is sent to learn medicine and his way is really like a doctor; calm. Cream is a loving sister that always with her younger sisters since young. They holds a rivalry to each other because Cream thinks that Marque chooses soccer over her and her father's decision while Marque forms a rivalry with Cream because she doesn't trust him. But, overall, they cares deeply for each other in a comedy-rivalry-hating ways.

Curryn Ookizawa

Curryn is Curry's younger twin. Many mistaken their names as Kari and Karin. Curryn is completely different from Curry but they are the same when it comes to annoy people, especially Cream.

Fruit Ookizawa

Fruit is the youngest in the family. Despite her age, she often talks in an old lady-kind of way and have a mature thinking that always surpass Cream. Curry always call Fruit as Grandma when she started nagging and need a few minutes to realize that Fruit is just 9.