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  • This is just a short fan-fic about Cream's behavior when she does the Enter Dream.
  • For specific informations about her dreams, open Cream Ookizawa page.


  • Created by: Sapphirez 11:31, December 30, 2010 (UTC)

Dream 1; Patissiere; Cherry.

"Captain! Let's practice!"Roman shouts from the field.

Tsugoi ne~Tsugoi ne~Tsugoi ne~Cream! Entaru~Entaru~Patissiere Dream! * Cream eyes become green*

"Let's go!" Cream winks and gives out a flying kiss.

While playing the ball, Cream fall down.

"Oh no, I got my outfit dirty and my foot hurts. *makes a sad face*" Roman comes nearer and Cream looks at him with puppy eyes.

"Roman-kun, you'll carry me at your back won't you?" Roman blushes "O...o..Okay..."Carries Cream.

In Cream's mind "Hahahah! I was too lazy to walk actually" "Cherry! Don't use my body anytime you wanted too!"

Dream 2; Ballerina; Clara

"Everyone, let's eat!!!" Kimi (he's a boy) runs toward the obento and every players sit down and enjoy the obento.

Tsugoi ne~Tsugoi ne~Tsugoi ne~Cream! Entaru~Entaru~Ballerina Dream! *Cream's eyes turns red*

"So Ookizawa-san, what do you think about the match for tomorrow?"

Cream just stares at Kimi.

"What do we want to do next?"

Keep staring.

A few minutes later...

"Make it stop! Ookizawa-san! I'm sorry I put sand in your shoes that day! Say something!!"

Inside Cream's mind "Clara-san, I think that's enough...*sweat drop*" "I don't know, this is kind of fun." Clara said without showing any emotions.

Dream 3; Singer; Chrie

"Yo, Ookizawa-san! Want to have a surfing match with me?" Tsunami asked.

Tsugoi ne~Tsugoi ne~Tsugoi ne~Cream! Entaru~Entaru~Singer Dream! *Cream eyes turns golden yellow*

"What?! Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I'm weak!!"