Chokoreto 'Choko' Bani is the older sister of Chokoreto Ai.

She is 13 years old, and is a Third-Year at Sailor Star Academy.

She makes her debut in the fanfic 'Friends and Traitors', and is first shown screaming and running away from the murderers. Later in the fanfic, she dies.


Choko has straight, pale maouve hair that almost reaches her waist. She ties her hair into a single ponytail, and puts a bright-purple bow on the side.
Chokoreto Bani 1

Choko's appearance

She has shoulder-length, slight messy bangs that she let hang down, and her fringe reaches her eyes and rests across her forehead.

Choko's eyes are bright-purple, fading into an almost black-ish colour at the top. Her eyes are quite big and innocent, and she has long-ish eyelashes that are always perfectly arranged.

Her casual outfit consists of a fluffy, candyfloss-coloured hoodie that she wears as a dress, with a pair of white leggings underneath. She also wears a pair of magenta and candyfloss coloured trainers, with pale-purple socks underneath and purple laces.

Choko's school uniform is mostly coloured candyfloss and consists of a candyloss-coloured pleated mini-skirt, the default white shirt with light-purple buttons running from the neckline to the waistline, and a light-purple and light-pink coloured bow around her neck. She also wears the default shoes coloured candyfloss, with over-the-knee white socks with light-pink coloured ribbon around the rims underneath.

Her nightclothes consist of a candyfloss-and-purple coloured onesie, patterned with small, pink, animated kittens.

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