• This hissatsu is created by me.
  • This is a combination hissatsu.
  • Picture will be up soon.


  • Created by: Sapphirez 06:44, January 1, 2011 (UTC)

Childhood Memories

This hissatsu can be done by Cream and Yukii only. This hissatsu is quite similar to Crossfire.


  • Cream will run from the left and enters a transparent gel-like wall like Ijigen The Hand.
  • Yukii will run from the right and enters a transparent gel-like wall like Ijigen The Hand.
  • After passing through the wall, they will be transformed into their childhood form.
  • The kick the ball just like the position of Goenji and Fubuki kicking the ball.
  • Unlike Crossfire where Fire and Ice comes out, this time it's white sparkle resembling their memories.

Eternal Memories

Eternal Memories is an upgrade from Childhood Memories. The same: Only Cream and Yukii can do this hissatsu.


  • The same thing, they will pass through a transparent gel-like wall and becomes small.
  • They spin one time and their body is changed into their normal size. (When they spin, white sparkles come out)
  • They kick the ball, the same like Childhood Memories but has a stronger effect and white sparkles and light some out from the ball.

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