Suzuno "Gazel" Fuusuke (南雲晴矢 風介) (dub: Bryce "Gazelle" Withingale) is a forward and the captain of Diamond Dust, and co-captain of Chaos along with Nagumo Haruya. Later in season 3, he becomes one of the forwards of Korea's national team, Fire Dragon.
Suzuno fuusuke


He has icy blue hair that is pointed left upwards and has teal colored eyes. He also has raised sleeves and a slender body. His normal clothes would be a purple jacket, light blue shirt with brown trousers and a pair of dark brown sneakers. He used to wear the uniform of Diamond Dust and later on, Chaos and Fire Dragon


Usually, he's calm and arrogant, always confident about his own skills. He's also a genius and talented soccer player.


Season 2

He is one of the top players from Aliea Academy, Diamond Dust's captain and forward. He first appeared when Epsilon Remastered lost to Raimon and exiles Desarm and the Epsilon team. He seemed to be intrigued by Endou and challenges him to one match. However, the match wasn't as easy as Suzuno imagined. The match ends in a draw. During the match, he is seen stroking his hair when he is irritated. He is shocked and almost can't speak in the meeting with Gran and Burn after the match. Later on, along with Burn, join forces and create the strongest team called Chaos.

Season 3

Later, he was recruited by Aphrodi and joined Fire Dragon, along with Burn. During the match against Inazuma Japan, He, Aphrodi and Burn bring out their strongest move Chaos Break, at the end, Fire Dragon lose to Inazuma Japan 4-3 loss.

Power Rangers

He first appeared in RPM series. This only Bryce was the female person that only Power Rangers series. While battling the Diamond Dust, Samuel begins to focus the powers. Byron in anger at Samuel focusing his powers. However, his focus was failed and has a sleep. When he asleep, he felt down into the ground, but instead Bryce by kissing her. Shocked, Samuel got freak out about Byrce. Eureka jokely about his crush and makes Samuel upset.

In battle Chaos vs RPM by interrupted, Xavier tried to kill them, but blasting Samuel's arm. He still tries to kill the Chaos again instead suddenly Samuel blow whistling then Xavier heard the noise and unable to move. As he escaped, she asking Samuel for date tonight until Samuel agrees to join his team then she repaint the new Alius RPM Union.

After Doom Immortal was destroyed, Bryce returned and asked Peter "What did you to my daughter?".


  • His name is a pun on his Ice hissatsu. Suzuno (ス図の) means cold while, Fuusuke (フうす家) means wind.
  • He is Japanese, though he joined Korea's national team, Fire Dragon after being scouted by Aphrodi.
  • He has a habit of always raising the sleeves of his shirt while playing, just like Hamano Kaiji of Inazuma Eleven GO.
  • Gazel has the same voice actor as Urabe Rika.
  • He mostly argues with Nagumo Haruya about which one of them is better; the two detest each other. However, they later joined forces which create Chaos.
  • His alien name, "Gazel", resembles "gazelle", which means "small antelope".
  • He says to Nagumo "Flames only die in presence of cold ice".
  • He and Aphrodi have worn the same numbers: 9,10,11.
  • Many fans believed that in the english dub Gazel had a small unknown crush on Burn.
  • Strangely, Bryce has a crush on Samuel acting like a new person with powers, but the Super Sentai series changed while he was a boy.

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