Atsukia Tsukiakari
Atsukia Tsukiakari
First appearance Universe Elements/Inazuma Chronos
Created by Akuji-san
Voiced by Akuji-san
Team/s Universe Elements/Inazuma Chronos
Element Fire
Number Any
Position Defender
Full Names Atsukia Maruka Tsukiakari
Japanese Name ツキアカリをオンにします
English Name Erika Masters
Nickname/s Atsu-chan
Age 11
Birthdate 22-11
Birthplace Shanghai
Nationality Holland
Notable Relatives Unknown
Family Akuji Tsukiakari
School/Class Unknown

History Atsukia is the niece of Akuji Tsukiakari she has an talented dad. Her dad learned her everything about soccer she learned : Shot's, Offenses, Defends and Goalkeeper hissatsu. She has never meet Akuji in her whole live because she knows the truth about his parents and he not, and if she tells him the truth his hatred will be powerfull and so impossible to stop Akuji's power

An accident

When Atsukia was in the sun garden and waiting for her dad she didn't saw him to pick her up. Atsukia was worried about him and so the teacher of Atsukia told her about her dad Atsukia shocked and doesn't believe the teacher of her. She runs away of the sun garden en runs to the hospital. When she was running to the hospital, she was packed by some guys. At that moment appears Tobitaka and Fudou to stop those guys. When Tobitaka and Fudou fight them she was still running to the hospital she asked everybody what's happening to her dad ? everybody said that he was dead and Atsukia doesn't believe those people so she asked again, again and again.


She was so mad at the guy that killed her dad that's she cuts her hair and so her hair covered her eye. Her eye was has another colour then the other and was hitted by a sword


She is in the club Universe Element

The mysterious lightning

Atsukia was called the mysterious, because she was so fast and nobody knows her personality on every match when she played, she didn't used an hissatsu.

Hissatsu :

Shots :

Ball of Love
421733-bigthumbnail (1)

Atomikkuhīto Dragon Ace

Shing Flame Wingman YugiohGX by sirdavid23

Atomic Blast

Ice Drop

Offense :

Cross Over

Land of Earth

Defense :

Heat Claw

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