Atomic Heat Dragon Ace
Atomic Heat Dragon Ace
Keshin Data
JP name アトミックヒートドラゴンエース
Dub name Legendary Dragon Ace
Element Fire/Ice
Evolution Atomikkuhīto AngelFalco - Atomikkuhīto Dragon Ace - ??
Keshin Debut
Fanfiction The Blue Flames/Kaiousei Gakuen
Chapter Chapter 10 to 22

アトミックヒートドラゴンエース ( Atomic Heat Dragon Ace) is japanese for Atomic Heat Dragon Ace it's the evolve form of Atomic Heat AngelFalco

Hissatsu :


Aurora Blast

Zero Cannon

Space Meteor

Offens :

Fire Meteor

Defends : Aqua Ocean

Keshin Fusion Armour

You can use you're keshin as an armour, the armour has incredible full power ,look at this one :

I drawn that :D


I will make a chapter with there in : The part when The Blue Flames against Protocool Omega with Akuji Tsukiakari Using his Keshin Armour and Alpha that using his Keshin Armour Follow me on I E Wikian Fanon

730px-Alpha Keshin

Alpha Using his Keshin Armour

Akuji Keshin Armor

Akuji Using His Keshin Armour Drawn by Hungry4ramen


Akuji Using his Keshin Armour


Atomikkuh Dragon Ace : The Blue Flames Chapters & Event Team Protocool Omega vs The Blue Flames

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