The keshin of Akuji Tsukiakari

The keshin is belong of Akuji my fanmade character

Atomic Heat AngelFalco

Atomikkuhīto AngelFalco

Atomikkuhīto AngelFalco

User : Akuji Tsukiakari and Atsukia Tsukiakari

Name : Atomikkuhīto AngelFalco

Hissatsu : Eternal Flame Storm

Drawer : ?????

Only Akuji can use it when his eyes are glowing

Evolution : Atomikkuhīto Dragon|- | | |} the drawer is unkown, it's actually red this is an normal form. Akuji can only use the red form when his eyes are glowing.

The moment

This keshin was used by the uncle of Akuji, Furutsi Tsukiakari. Akuji was get the keshin ,when he was mad at Sasuke, he was using al his hatred to him. Haruna (His fake sister) told him everything about a keshin at the moment agains the Black Hawks


The ultimate hissatsu shot with his keshin are :

Eternal Flame Storm

Alpha Legends

Vortex Impact V2

Omega Break Shot

Omega Break


Magma Wing

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