Chapter two:More madness

Aiden:Hello all here we are again with As the Inazuma world turns!

Burn:Wasnt this show gonna stop?

Aiden:*Hits with bat*Stfu Burn.

Gazel:Lets go to the pain game!

Aiden:Ok then.

The pain game

Aiden:We have new teams~I have Burn and Fudou!

Loretta:And i have Onigiri-chan and Kotoni-chan!

Aiden:First question: Whats the name of Endou's true lover?




Girls at the same time:Fuyuppe-chan!

Now:*The girls keep answering good and keep turning spanks*

Aiden:This is more fun then i tought >:D


Aiden:Lets get to World of Warcraft-Beyond Gods!


Aiden:Thats a Tv show.


WoW:Beyond Gods

Aphrodi:Okay team.We must be sure to defeat the Acient Darkness.

Sein:Ive got the White Army,sir Aphrodi!

Hakuryuu:And i even got N's Pokemon army~


Hakuryuu:The Pokemon Character i'm based on.

Aphrodi:Ok.And Demeter,how is the Roman Empire?

Demeter:Strong!Very strong!It feels good to fight for Earth!

Hera:And i got some more knights!

Aphrodi:Good work you all.Rex?

Rex George:I have scouted three people sir!

Aphrodi:Good.Now,let's travel to the battlefield.Demeter is the commander of the Roman Army. Hera and i will guide the knights. Hakuryuu and Rex watch over the Pokemon's and Scout Characters.Sein,you have control over your White Army,made of your angels.


Cut to Shuu,Baddap and Desuta at the Black Base.

Baddap:We start the attack!We have mighty Black Knights and Dragons from Shuu,The Ogre Army from me and Desuta's Hell Army.We are going to show the White's that we are the best!

(Note:The army's are not only the Army Teams,but real army's)


Cut to the battlefield,were Aphrodi and Baddap face.

Aphrodi:Hello,Baddap.The faceoff is gonna start.

Baddap:Are you and your White's ready to face the power of hell?


Narrator:Make sure to watch next time to WoW:Beyond Gods to discover who will win!

Aiden:Ok lets get on to a match review with Onigiri-chan!

Storm Japan Representatives match

Onigiri-chan:Well,it was a very good match,everyone showed off there best,and i couldnt say only the chosen ones are good.Everyone was so strong,it was a hard match!

Aiden:Thanks Onigiri-chan!

Now:*Weird noises are coming out of one of the bedrooms*

Burn:Whats in there?

Aiden:Oh yeah,i just remembered Hiroto and Ulvida still in there.Theyre probably bussy with-

Loretta:*Shuts his mouth*Also little kids are watching.

Aiden:Sorry.Well,make sure to tune in next time on As the Inazuma world Turns!Gomenasai its so short,i didnt have many ideas,but next time will be longer!Bye all!

Let my cold wind flow in your heart 13:56, April 21, 2012 (UTC)

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