Chapter one:Lets start!

Aiden:Hello all,this is As the Inazuma World Turns!

Burn:This kind of crap again?

Aiden:*Slams Burn with baseball bat*


Aiden:Just shut up.Well,first we have ZA BACHELOR!


Aiden:Whaddaya say?


Aiden:*Slams Fudou*Shut up.Well,the bachelor is HIROTO-KUN!We did him because he has many fangirls.BUT LETS SKIP TO THE FINALS MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

The Bachelor


Aiden:OK we start with introducing~First we have Ryuuji-kun.Tell me,why are you here?


Aiden:Well you cant walk away~

Midorikawa:Why not?The door is there,imma going away from this fangirl madness~

Aiden:*Gets bat* Whaddaya say?

Midorikawa:Damnit...*Walks to his chair*

Aiden:As second we have Loretta's own character but still a different~Izayoi Mika!

Mika:Hey guys im a Hiroto fangi-

Aiden:Ok lets go to the next one!This is Yagami Reina AKA Ulvida~

Ulvida:I hope he'll choose me~

Aiden:You get the chance to say something.You sure not to say something?


Aiden:And as fourth,we have Jolanda AKA Eliza who also is a Hiroto-fangirl.

Hiroto:Can we please skip to the choosing =="?

Aiden:Nope you must let the others see what you did with them.

Hiroto:Damnit...You first Midori.

Midorikawa:We played POKER.Done.

Hiroto:Yeah poker.Now,about Ulvida and Mika...Its better to not tell...

Aiden:Whaddaya say?

Hiroto:*Whispers:The videos of Mika and Ulvida are not good for little kids*

Aiden:OK lets skip this.

Loretta:Aww i wanted to see what my character did :(

Hiroto:Believe me,you dont want to >:).

Eliza:We had a romantic dinner with candles and everything~

Aiden:Meh im bored lets see who he votes away the first.

Hiroto:Im voting Midorikawa away first.


Hiroto:Im not a gay AND if i was im not as hopeless to get him!

Midorikawa:Fu Hiroto.Fu.

Hiroto:I have to vote Eliza away,im sorry.

Eliza:Its OK.

Aiden:NOW ITS THE FINAL CHOICE~But lets see that later: Now,we have a sakka match!

Storm Legends against Blue Flames.

Onigiri-chan:Well Aiden,it was a good game.I tought they were weak but they were powerful!At least we had Jason because Jason acted really good as a keeper with his keshin and everything~

Aiden:Thanks for this little review.Now lets get to THE PAIN GAME.

The Pain Game

(Note:This takes some dubbed gender changes)

Loretta:Hehe me like this...

Aiden:First,we have my team,the boys: Burn,Shindou and Kazemaru!!!!!!

Loretta:But on my side,we have the girls: Gazel,Kirino and Miyasaka!!!!

Aiden:OK first qeustion.Only for the aliea team captains.What was the name of your hissatsu but then the opposite made by Gouenji and Fubuki?

Burn:I know!Its FireCross!

Gazel:Nope CrossFire~

Loretta:Ouch a pain trap for the boys~Lets turn this wheel,Gazel~

Gazel:*Turns a baseball bat*

Aiden:Yay i gotta hit my boys~Here you go guys!*Keeps spanking Burn but time is over*

Loretta:Aiden,time is over!

Aiden:Yeah i know let me have some fun~


Loretta:Next question for the GO peeps.If you would combine your best powers,who would you become?

Kirino:I dont know...

Shindou:Kazemaru-san next to me.

Loretta:Right!Shindou can turn!

Shindou:*Turns ugly make-up*Hehehe...


Boys:*Make ugly make-up*

Aiden:This was THE PAIN GAME~Now back to the bachelor~

The Bachelor~Part 2

Hiroto:I choose Ulvida.Now if you need us,find someone else.AND DONT BOTHER THE BEDROOM~

Now:*Hiroto and Ulvida head to the bedroom and seal the door*

Aiden:This was the show for now!Hope youll enjoyed!

Let my cold wind flow in your heart 23:07, April 20, 2012 (UTC)

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