Hey yo! This is just a One-Shot wrote becuase of boredness.........enjoy! This is gonna be writen in the way Kaiousei Gakuen is because the other style that i used to write took waaaaaaaaay to long!


Endou Himawari (Me)

Endou Mamoru (Mamoru)

Raimon Natsumi

Matsukaze Tenma

Endou Atsuko (Atsuko/ She is Endou's mum by the way....)

Gouenji Shuuya

Story Time!

Me: Muuuuuuuuuuuum! Endou's singing Peanut butter jelly time!

Atsuko: Oh! Himawari! Stop moaning!

Me: Grr........I never get my own way! Argh! I just wanna kill him sometimes!

Ding Dong!

Mamoru: I'll get the-

Me: No! You wont! You might annoy the guest!

Mamoru: Oh, Just go back to your stupid Justin Bieber!

Thats it. I wanna kill him soooooooo bad now. I scowl at him.

Me: Grr! I HATE Justin Bieber!

Mamoru: Whatever! Lump!

Me: You say that-

Atsuko: Can Someone just answer the danm door! Please!

I walk to the door and breathe slowly. I open it.

Gouenji: Hi Endou!

Me: Mamoru! Why did you invite your friends over when you know i'm revising!

Mamoru: Uh............

I look at Mamoru's friend and sigh.

Me: Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine, Come in!

He steps in. But this guy doesnt seem as 'hyper' as my stupid, soccer brother.

Atsuko: And keep it down whilts Himawari's revising!

Gouenji: Yes Mamm.

They both run up to Mamoru's room.

Me: Peace at-

Mamoru: Muuuuuuuuuuum! Himawari messed up my room!

Me: No i-

Atsuko: why cant you kids just get along?

Me: Earth to Mum! That will never happen!

Atsuko: You wait and see......

I gulp and get back to my 'revision' (Revision = Youtube in my case.....)

Me: Right.......What to watch.......Hmm..........

I click onto the search box and type in Hatsune Miku Triple Baka. A song that resembles Mamoru.

Me: Music to my ears........

Before i can press play, I hear my brother's character song come on.

Me: Wait a sec........Are they useing my CD player?

I dash up the stairs and burst into my room and see the two boys in there.

Mamoru: We were just Leaving!

Me: why were you in my room in the first place?????

Mamoru: We were-

Gouenji: Let me explain, Endou wanted to play a CD, but he had no CD player, so he went into your room to play it. This was NOT my idea so dont have a go at me......Phew........

I sigh.

Me: you could of used your I-Pod!

Mamoru; No but i dont have that song on my I-Pod!

Me: Well then there is a simple thing to do, Get it.

Mamoru: But then i'll have to buy the song with MY OWN money!

Me: Thats the whole point now GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They rush out of my room and into Mamoru's.

Me: He is soooooooooooooo annoying!

I stomp down stairs and get back to the computer.

Mamoru: Himawari! Can you help me!!!!!!

I cant hear anything except for Triple Baka. I am at peace! Mum however pulls my earphones out.

Me: Oi! I was listening to that!

Atsuko: Well i want you to get the table ready for Dinner!

Me: Why me? Pick on Mamoru for a change!

Atsuko: No, becuase he is with his friend!

I drag my self to the Table and get it sorted.

Me: Why me???

The rest of the day goes by pretty slowly. I get to bed at 10:00 PM. Thinking about how to get back at Mamoru.....

The Next Day......

Mamoru: Wake up! Wake up!

He is like my personal alarm clock every morning even though i dont ask for it.

Me: Meh......what do you what? Your annoying me all the time! I've just woke up!

Mamoru: Uh.......Nothing!

He runs back down stairs all happy. I bet you he does this on purpose.

I stumble out of bed and make my way down the stairs........Slowly.

Atsuko: Good morning Sweet Pea!

Mamoru: Sweet Pea! Ha ha! what a stupid name!

Atsuko: I could call you it if you dont close your mouth!

Mamoru: Mep! I'm going now! Bye!

Me: Muuuuuuuuuuum...........Why is he really annoying?

Atsuko: Hmm? Oh.......I dont know actuly.........

I make myself some breakfast and eat it. I get washed and dressed.

Me: See you later mum!

Atsuko: Bye Himawari!

I follow Mamoru. This is part of the secret plan i made last Night.......

Mamoru: Hi guys!

Me: Aww! Isnt that cute!

Mamoru: Himawari?!?! Why are you here?

Me: Because i am!

I get out my I-Pod and put on Japanese Ninja No.1 and start dancing.

Natsumi: do you know this person Endou-Kun?

Mamoru: no.......

I sweatdrop.

Me: Ohhh! Look! Two little love birds!!!!!

Mamoru: I dont-

Natsumi: We are not in love! Ok!

she blushes. I smirk and click my fingers. A guy pops out of nowhere.

Natsumi: Uh.......who is he?

Me: My witness! Say hello to Matsukaze Tenma!

Tenma: Uh......Where am i?

Me: In the past! For you anyway.........

Tenma: Ok.........Hey Endou!

Me: Ok, Do you reconise that young lady there?

Tenma: Hmm.........Yeah! Your Endou's Wife!

Mamoru + Natsumi: WHAT??????????????/

Tenma: Yeah i went to your house! And Natsumi's cooking was REALLY BAD!

Mamoru: And this happens in the future......Right?

Tenma: Yep! And you hate her cooking!

Natsumi: you hate my.........Endou! How could you?

she walks away in a strop.

Mamoru: Grr! Himawari!

Tenma: now can i go back to my own time now?

Himawari: Yeah sure thats all i wanted you for......

Tenma goes back to his own time. Himawari looks at Endou's I've-Been-Owned face.

Himawari: where's your peanut butter jelly time to save you now?

Mamoru: Argh! your sooooooooooooooooooooooo Annoying!

The End!

I hope you liked it! Be sure to check out my other stuff too!

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