'Arashi No Masutā' is my first keshin. It's used by Yuki Kiseki, Loretta Natsukoi, Kiyama Sakura and Hana.

Anime dark angel 1

Arashi No Masutā's appearance


The user places her feet one straight one behind it to the side and positions her arms just in front of her waist crossing over slightly and the sides pointing to her stomach. She then begins to raise her arms slowly and gently, with black angel wings following them at the same pace. When her arms are nearly at her head, she stops then lowers her arms to the starting position without the wings following. She then spins and raises her arms again, like ballet. After a few seconds, a dark angel in a black sleeveless dress and holding a violin. The angel rises up then plays the violin in hypnotising notes, that put the victim(s) into a trance so they won't get in her way. The user then runs at full speed towards the goal and jumps up really high, followed by the angel. When the suer stops, the angel carries on for a bit, then stops (her wings carry on so they point upwards then go down again). She plays her violin again, this time really fast and the ball begins to float up to her (from wherever) surrounded by a blue aura. The ball rises to just above the angel, then she changes the tune of her violin and plays even faster. The ball goes soaring to the floor but hovers just above it spinning whilst the blue aura grows then explodes like a supernova. The user then runs up to it and shoots at full power.

Loretta in Keshin Armed

Arashi No Masuta in Keshin-Armed-form (Loretta's version. Not full and missing details)


  • Loretta Natsukoi (page isn't done yet)
  • Yuki Kiseki (information in Yozora No Hoshi's page)


None yet.

Signature and notes

  • The name translation is 'Master of The Storm'
  • The picture doesn't belong to me.
  • You can use this if you like, but please ask me first!

Issho ni wa totemo sensai ni ukabudarou... 21:14, April 26, 2012 (UTC)

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