Arashi Azayaka
Arashi Azayaka
First appearance The legend reborn
Created by Hikari
Voiced by KENN(Ken'ichirō Ōhashi)

Blake Swift(dub)

Team/s Black Hawks
Element Light
Number 1
Position GK
Full Names Arashi Azayaka
Japanese Name 鮮やか 嵐
English Name Arashi Azayaka
Nickname/s Damn brat
Age 13
Birthdate 26 November
Birthplace Waterlyn City
Nationality Japanese
Notable Relatives Fuji Azayaka(mother), Kumo Azayaka(father)
School/Class Ravendale Academy, 1B
The purpose in life is to have a life with a purpose... Wait, did I just philosophize?

–Arashi Azayaka, in Legend of the Black Hawks

Arashi Azayaka is a character that appears in the fanfic "Legend of the Black Hawks". He is the goalkeeper of the Black Hawks, but he can also play as a defender.


Arashi's parents were killed in the incident that happened 13 years ago, which lead him to growing up in an orphanage, without ever knowing the love of a parent, or even knowing his parents. Because of this, he became depressed, and didn't want to go on, locking himself up in his room for a long time. At the age of six, he found out about his parents, and he was determined to become a great soccer player, like his parents were before him. He started off playing as a defender, but after he met Hikari, he started playing as a goalkeeper, since she saw that he had more potential as a goalkeeper.


He has teal-colored hair, that is spiked up, with bangs and a little lock of hair that stands up. He has brown eyes, and a tanned skin. He usually wears the Ravendale Academy uniform. In his casuals, he wears a blue sweater, with navy blue jeans, and grey combat boots. He also wears a band on his left arm.


He has a happy-go-lucky like personality, and always looks at the bright side of life, even though he had a hard past. He also acts like a "king", thinks he is irresistable, and flirts around a lot. But behind all of this, he hides his real self, being actually a serious person, and reliable when needed.

At first seen as more of a natural-born charmer, it's soon known that Arashi is the main source of comic relief through his antics and over-the-top behavior. Even though he is smooth-talking and charming around girls, when around his friends he is often shown as a naive goofball

His personality is best described as child-like, having honest fun when playing games like hide and seek, and keeping an adored teddy bear. His serious side is often shown when someone is in trouble. Arashi is always forgiving, being polite and kind to the vicious captain and even giving a genuine smile to Adina, who hated him back then.


  • [GK] Kougeki no Muryokuka
  • [GK] Hand of Illusion
  • [GK] Backfire
  • [GK] Magic Cylinder
  • [GK] Space Jump



  • He loves chocolate.
  • The thing he treasures most is his little teddybear, because it's the only thing he has left from his parents after they passed away.
  • Just like his mother, he's a goalkeeper, but he can also play as a defender like his father.

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