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Daniel Collins




(spoilers!unfinished!!) Aoi was a boy who grew up in a wealthy family, their family was also famous for their soccer, years ago, but everyone seemed to have forgotten; thus, it influenced Aoi to play along. However, he often feels that life was boring when there are too much people doing things for him; he was a boy who seeked adventure, so he escaped from his home, at the age of four. Then he met a girl, (Akariyo Shikizo) whom he meets in the future but doesn't seem to remember. Due to the two's arrogant personalities, they get into fights easily, even in the future. When he turned 14, a day after that, he tried to look for the girl he met, and felt a need to apologize, he was kidnapped by Kageyama Reiji, along with other people of his age.


He has azure colored hair, fair skin tone, and mahogany colored eyes. His casual clothes consist of a light aqua long sleeved shirt underneath a navy blue colored t-shirt, with brown shorts and blue sneakers.


Aoi is mostly the arrogant, bold type, often annoys Akariyo Shikizo and jokes about her. Although, he is very caring and won't let anyone harm his friends, he can also be quiet, humble and calm at times. On the inside, he has feelings for Akariyo despite their rivalries, but hides it.


  • "Aoi" in his name means blue.

Minna!! Sorry it's unfinished, too! I'll finish it as soon as I can!

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