Hiya, everyone! Well, this is my first fanfic, involving some of my OCs and friends's OCs too.

It's a multi-chapter comedy, and I'm sorry if it isn't very good or funny.

As I said - this is my first fanfic so please be nice!

I hope you like it :)

Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better! ~ Chapter One


Kyandi: Hey, Loretta! Hey, Loretta! Hey, Loretta!

Loretta: *Continues to ignore Kyandi and carries on reading fanfics*

Kyandi: *Sighs and carries on chanting* Hey, Loretta! Hey, Loretta! Hey, Lore-

Loretta: WHAT?! What the Hell do you want?!

Kyandi: Hi~

Loretta: *Smacks head on her laptop keyboard and lays down on it*

Kyandi: Ushishishi~!

Akimi: Kyandi, do you do anything other than be annoying?

Kyandi: Nope, don't think so~

Loretta: *Rises up slightly and smacks head down again*

Nathan: Well, what should we do?


Candy: What kind of competition?

Loretta: *Gets up fully and closes laptop* I know~

Livi: Shoot

Loretta: We pick two people, then we pick a task. They both do the task in turn, then the judges vote for who did it better!

Angel: And what's the point in that?

Loretta: To prove anything someone else can do, you can do better! And I have another game idea! - The game has to start everytime with the two players singing some of 'Everything You Can Do, I Can Do Better'!

Kyandi: This sounds epic! Let's do it!

Nathan: How are we gonna pick the players and task?

Kyandi & Loretta: THE SPINNER BOARD!!!

All except for Kyandi & Loretta: *Groan*

Loretta: *Uses Megami Hand to slap everyone except Nathan & Kyandi*

All except Loretta, Nathan & Kyandi: *Fall to floor* OOOOOWWW!!!

Loretta: *Smirks*

Nathan: So what now?

Loretta: *Walks over to the Spinner Board*

Kyandi: *Follows Loretta*

Loretta & Kyandi: *Both stand on opposite side of the board*

Loretta: 3...

Kyandi: ...2...

Loretta & Kyandi: ...1! *Both spin the board*

All: *Watch the board like it was a new never-before-seen Inazuma Eleven episode*

Loretta & Kyandi: *Both sing* Look at the board, look at the board! Where's it gonna stop~?

  • The board stops on Loretta & Yagami, and the task is singing*

Yagami: Oh great! I have to go againt her in a singing contest! I am SO dead!

Loretta: Nope, I am

Kyandi: It doesn't matter who's dead or not, this is just for fun~

Yagami: Yeah, yeah whatever

Loretta: What song are we gonna sing anyway?


Nathan: *Groans* Haven't we heard enough of Kesha?

Kyandi: Nope~ Now let's sing!! Yagami - you first~

Yagami: How much should I sing?

Kyandi: Let'e keep it simple - just the first verse~

Yagami: Sure

Loretta: *Plays music on laptop*


I wake up in the morning feeling like P-Diddy

I grab my glasses, I'm out the door

I'm gonna hit this city!

Before I leave brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack

Cuz when I leave for the night

I'm not coming back!

All: *Clap*

Kyandi: Loretta-hime next!!

Loretta: *Replays song*

I wake up in the mornin'

Feelin' like P-Diddy!

I grab mah glasses, out the door

I'm gon' hit this city!

Before I leave -

Brush my teeth

With a bottle o' Jack!

Cuz when I leave for the night -

I ain't co-ming back!

All: *Clap again*

Nathan: So who won?

Loretta: Nathan, Ace, Jocelyn, Trant, Hiroto, Sakuma, Aphrodi - you guys are the judges! Now vote~

Nathan: *Shows number cards - Loretta - 9, Yagami - 8*

Ace: *Shows number cards - Loretta - 8, Yagami - 6*

Jocelyn: *Shows number cards with doodles of puppies and My Little Ponies instead of numbers*

All: *Sweatdrop*

Trant: *Shows complicated number mathy-thingy formula*

Hiroto: *Shows number cards - Loretta - 10, Yagami - 10*

Sakuma: *Shows number cards - Loretta - 8, Yagami - 7*

Aphrodi: *Shows number boards with 'I AM A GOD' on instead of scores*

All: *Double sweatdrop*

Rene: Okay, we added up the actual scores and the totals are....

  • Random drumroll starts*

Rene: Ooh, a drumroll! - Nice!

All: *Triple sweatdrop*

Rene: The totals are - Loretta - 35, Yagami - 31.

Loretta: Woohoo!!

Yagami: Dammit!

Kyandi: Don't worry Yagami - you'll have plenty of chances to win~

Burn: H-How many chapters is this thing gonna have?

Kyandi: Bout 30, probably more~

Burn: DAMMIT! Now I have to spend my life stuck in two girls's houses!!

Fudou: Dude, since when was hanging out in two hot girl's houses in turn a bad thing?

Burn: -Smirks- Ah, I get'cha!

Loretta: -Smirks- Well, that's all we've got time for in this chapter~

Kyandi: Tune in next time, Minna!!

All: Goodbyeeeee!!

SkullCandy-hime 19:03, May 18, 2012 (UTC)

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