Hiya guys! This chapter is based purely on Endou, the next chapter will be based on Hiroto and his plan~

At the hospital, 01:18 am...

I had hated waking up with Hiroto in my room. I had wished he would leave or that he was just part of my imagination but now, I wish we was here. It's past 1 o' clock and I'm bored out of my mind. I've been trying to get to sleep since the nurses brought me back to my room after re-bandaging my stomach but I just can't fall asleep. My mind's full of questions, bad memories and thoughts. My parents. They still didn't know about what happened, they think I'm still at training camp. What about the team? When Hiroto left, did he go to the lodge? No, he probably went home to be with Hitomiko, Ulvida, Midorikawa and the rest of his friends. While I was thinking, I must've fell asleep, because I still remember the dream I had...

Endou's dream...

"Endou-kun" called a sweet, feminine and childish voice from somewhere "Please don't go!" Endou then recognized the voice. The voice belonged to his childhood friend, Rosalinda Delacour. Rosalinda was quite a pretty French girl that had moved next door to Endou when he was 6.

"I'll be back soon" replied another voice, Endou recognized it as his own "It's not like I'm leaving forever!"

"But I'll miss you!" Rosalinda cried "I'll have to play with Fleur!"

"And?" said Endou "Fleur's nice! Why don't you like playing with her?"

"Because she only plays with dollies and picnic sets and tea sets!" argued Rosalinda "I'm sure she doesn't even know HOW to play soccer!" Fleur was Rosalinda's younger sister. Even though Fleur was only under a year younger than her, Rosalinda still said she was her 'little sister' and acted as if she was far older than her.

"Sorry, Rosie" Endou apologized with a smile "I'll miss you when I'm in Spain!"

"It's okay" Rosalinda sighed "I guess I'll play with Andre, I think he knows how to play soccer..."

"Bye-bye, Rosie-boo~" Endou teased, using the nickname that annoys Rosalinda most

"Bye-bye, Mamooru~" Rosalinda teased back, using the nickname she had come up with when she had seen Endou's farm bed covers when they were 5. Endou giggled and leant in slightly and kissed Rosalinda on the cheek

"I'll miss you~" he smiled, turing and beginning to run towards his house

"I'll miss you too!" she smiled back, waving.


"What happened next?" A dark voice suddenly boomed "Tell me, Mamoru"

"I went on holiday to Spain for a month" replied Endou

"What happened to Rosalinda?" the voice asked him

"She moved away" Endou replied

"Wrong" the voice sniggered "Don't you know what happened?"

"No" replied Endou "What happened to Rosie? Tell me!"

"She died" the voice replied, a tone of sinister amusement in it's tone "Only about a day after you left"

"WHAT?!" cried Endou "How did she die?"

"She was playing soccer" the voice started "By the riverbank"

"Oh dear God, don't tell me she-"

"Drowned" the voice sniggered, obviously enjoying informing a teenage boy about his friend's death "The ball rolled down by the water, she went to pick it up. She didn't fall though"

"Huh? Then, she jumped?" Endou asked, confused

"No" the voice informed him "She was pushed. By you"

"WHAT?! I never pushed her!" Endou protested angrily

"You have another you" the voice retorted "Endou Mamoru, you're a werewolf"

To be continued...

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