Hiya guys! Once again in a bad mood so I wrote chapter 4. This chap is sorta Hiroto x Endou so beware.

I slowly open my eyes and yelp in agony. My stomach's litterally ripped in half and my arms and legs are torn up too. My eyes aren quite blurry and I blink repeatedly, trying to bring the room into view - but I instantly regret it. Hiroto is sat on a chair next to my bed, his face full of worry and tears in his eyes. Man, I'd do anything to swap him for anyone else, even Fudou. I try to turn away but my body instantly fills with pure agony for an understatement. He leans over me, calling my name in worry. I don't reply, halfly because I'm trying too hard to stop screaming in agony, and halfly from pure shame.

"Endou-kun!" Hiroto cried "Are you okay? Say something!" Endou did say something, but it wasn't what Hiroto expected.

"Just do it, hit me, beat me up, kill me, I deserve it" Endou said, his voice strained.

I feel his hand make contact with my face. But it doesn't hurt - he starts gently carressing my face. I can't help but smile gently as his soft skin makes elegant contact with my pale face. I wish it could have lasted longer, but suddenly my stomach starts panging and I scream out in agony.

"Endou!" Hiroto yelled as Endou screamed and wrapped both his arms around his torso. He reached out gently to remove Endou's arms from his stomach. A look of horror appeared on his face when he saw the bandages wrapped around Endou's torso were dyed scarlet with blood.

"Nurse! Doctor! Anyone!" Hiroto yelled turning his head at the open door, and quick as a flash several nurses rush in looking worried. As soon as they had taken Endou out of the room, Hiroto left the hospital. It was tipping it down and the streets were deserted but Hiroto didn't care. His thin Inazuma Japan jersey (that had been replaced by the managers when Hiroto had returned to the lodge) were soaked through and made him shiver but, he didn't care. Hitomiko, Midorikawa and Ulvida were probably worried sick, but he didn't care. Endou was dying. He was pretty much fine. That animal had attacked Endou and close to killed him. That animal had attacked him and he had only cut his arm and back a little. He had to do something! But what? Suddenly, Hiroto had an idea. He began to run, hoping he had found a way to make sure no-one else had to get hurt...

To be continued...


Wow, that chapter sucked! Gomen that it's short and crap. Hopefully I'll do better next time.

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