hi minna~ I'm in a really bad mood so i thought - why not write something invovling lots of pain, swearing and blood? so here it is -

Story - Chapter 3

Hiroto slowly managed to open his eyes, then groaned in pain. His arm was covered in blood, but that wasn't the thing that was bothering him most. What was? - Finding Endou. Hopefully, the monster that had attacked Hiroto hadn't found Endou. Endou was nice, kind and friendly, but he was also quite ignorant, naive, curious, and too easy to trick. Hiroto, with difficulty, got up and began to search for Endou, or (Hiroto shuddered) his dead body. After a while of searching, Hiroto reached the place where Endou had collapsed. He gasped when he saw Endou on the floor, surrounded in scarlet blood that shimmered in the light of the moon.

"Oh crap!" Hiroto whispered to himself, running over to Endou's side and turning him over gently to see the extent of his wounds. Hiroto gaped in horror when he saw how badly Endou was hurt. He had a large, deep cut all the way across his torso with blood flowing freely from it. Endou also had several severe cuts dotted around his body and his right arm and legs were positioned at worryingly unnatural angles. He wasn't wearing a shirt (Hiroto spotted blood-stained shreds of it around) and his shorts were also re-colored from white and blue to red and torn to shreds.

"Endou-kun!" Hiroto cried, gently shaking his friends shoulders without injuring him further, to no avail. Endou was out cold, which was no surprise. But now what was Hiroto going to do? How was he supposed to find his way back? Especially with every second bringing Endou closer to dying. Hiroto groaned and tried to think. He couldn't leave Endou here whislt he looked for help? Maybe he could yell and see if anyone came? No that's a stupid idea...That's it. That was the only option. He gently picked Endou up, trying hard not to hurt him any further than he already was (which was impossible considering Endou's current injuries) and began to carry him off in the, hopefully, right direction.

To be continued...

Muahahahah! More suspence!

Issho ni wa totemo sensai ni ukabudarou... 20:20, March 31, 2012 (UTC)

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