Amai Hoho is another fanmade character by me~

She's based on another of my friends - Holly~

She is a 5th year at Sailor Star Academy, making her 15.
Amai Hoho

Amai's appearance


Amai has waist-length bright-orange hair that she lets loose. Her eyes are auburn in color and she has quite long eyelashes. Her casual outfit consists of a strapless dress that reaches just above her knees that's coloured red. She wears black high heels. Her school uniform consists of a default white shirt with a bright-green and bright-blue ribbon tied around her neck. She wears a black mini-skirt and keeps her black high heels on. She also wears a black blazer.


She's very bright all of the time and mostly quite hyper. She loves animals but absolutely despizes school and homework. She is often seen riding her bike, with her best friend Kitty Night running behind her. Her favorite colours is electric-blue and she prefers shockingly bright colours over dull and light colours.


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