Alpha Strike
Akuji !!!!
Hissatsu Data
JP name アルファのストライキ
Dub name Alpha Strike
Element Air
Evolution Normal -> V2 -> V3 -> V4 -> V5 -> Alpha Legends
Fanfiction The Blue Flames
Chapter Unknown

Alpha Strike is a Fanmade Shoot Hissatsu in the Inazuma Eleven universe.


The user will run with the ball, he is jumping in the air with the ball, the ball will be in the air. Burn of the sun the user will be down he is going to kick so hard if he can the ball is an kind of a meteor that is coming to the goalkeeper.


Usage in Kai or Shin version

The ball will be a glowing and glowing with power. And when the shoot release V3 then the ball will be a kind of Sun in the air the user will then make a really hard kick to the ball.

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