Akimi yakamashi

Appearance of Akimi Yakamashi

Akimi Yakamashi (喧しい 秋実)is a doppelganger of Haruna Otonashi. She will appear in the fanfict Emperors of light.


Akimi, like Haruna, is a serious girl, but most think that she's a natural joker. She isn't joking, i'ts just her language. She is also revealed to be a soccer player, having a hissatsu called Sakura shoot, which is to be shown in the fanfict Emperors of Light (major spoiler!!)...


She has 5 hissatsu shoots which she kept as a secret unless necessary. These five are:

  • Sakura Shoot (桜シュート, Sakura Shuuto)
  • Dance of the butterflies (蝶の踊り, Cho no Odori)
  • Lightning Star (稲妻星, Inazuma Hoshi)
  • Autumn Leaves (秋の葉, Aki no ha)
  • Crimson Waves (クリムソン波, Kurimson nami)


  • Akimi means Autumn fruit, while Yakamashi means noisy. All are the opposite of Haruna Otonashi's name (Haruna means spring vegetables while Otonashi means... Oh, you already know now...).
  • Her name should be Haruka Yakamashi, but it was decided that she will be named Akimi because it contrasts Haruna.
  • It was decided that Haruna has a doppelganger because her name can be easily contrasted...
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