Aki Tatsuko is a 13-year-old girl. She is a member of Mugen No Arashi and a student at Sailor Star Academy. She is known to be Loretta Natsukoi's best friend and she is also the girlfriend of Fubuki Shirou.


Tatsuko has cyan hair that almost reaches her knees that she almost always ties into bunc
Aki Tatsuko 1

Tatsuko in casual

hes with the pink ribbon that Loretta gave her. She has blue eyes that match her hair and long-ish eyelashes. Her casual outfit consists of a light-purple dress with blue lace on the neckline and a blue ribbon tied around the waist as a belt. She doesn't wear socks, she just wears blue ballerina slip-ons without ribbon that match her dress. She also wears a pink clip on the fringe that matches her hair ribbon.


She's very lively and loves to be noisy. She often gets over-exited and hyper and starts jumping around, singing or grabbing Loretta and dancing round with her. She's very friendly and hates mean people or rude people. She's quite a good singer and loves karaoke and dancing, though she doesn't like slow songs or 'boring dances' like ballet. She's really close with Loretta and tells her everything, and also usually goes along with her everywhere.
Aki Tatsuko & Loretta Natsukoi

Tatsuko with her best friend Loretta drawn by the epic artist Hungry4ramen


Aki Miwa - Mother

Aki Seijirou - Father

Fubuki Shirou - Boyfriend (husband in GO!)


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