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Dub Name:

Kevin Gant



Background (unfinished, has spoilers!)

During his time, he was the eldest among 3 siblings, which includes himself. Being quite the risktaker, he took a little walk away from home. He wandered too far, and lost his way. Luckily, a nice, normal family took him for adoption. Although that was 10 years ago; 10 years later, he set off on another adventure, which ended when he was kidnapped by Kageyama.


Airoku is the quiet type of person, although, easily annoyed. When he's angry, it's quite scary for his teammates and friends for him to act unusual like that. He is also a peacemaker, stopping Aoi and Akariyo from fighting. He's also kind and helpful, acting like an older brother to the two.


He has columbia blue colored hair, with blue-gray colored eyes. His casual clothes consist of a light gray colored shirt with an indigo lightning bolt pattern running through the middle, and navy blue shorts, fitted with dark brown shoes.


  • Airo in his name means indigo.
  • Roku in his last name means six, considering indigo is the 6th color of the rainbow.
  • Nami in his first name means wave; similar to "Tsunami".

(Guys, really sorry for the unfinished pages! I hope you'll understand! But I'll finish them soon!~ Thanks!!)

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