Adina Caelia
Adina Caelia
First appearance Finding Friends
Created by Hikari
Voiced by Kawasumi Ayako

Laura Bailey(dub)

Team/s Black Hawks
Element Fire
Number 6
Position MF
Full Names Adina Sophia Emily Abigail Caelia
Japanese Name 蔡りあ アディナ
English Name Adina Caelia
Nickname/s Skittles

Ms. Fangirl

Age 12
Birthdate 6 April
Birthplace Rome
Nationality Italy
Notable Relatives
School/Class Ravendale Elementary, 6B
A smile is the easiest way out of a difficult situation.

–Adina Caelia, in Legend of the Black Hawks

Adina Caelia is a midfielder for the team Black Hawks. She admires Hikari, the captain, but she doesn't like her back.


Her father was Japanese, while her mother was Italian. Her father left Italy when her mother was pregnant, because he played in the Black Hawks(13 years ago), who were participating in a soccer tournament. He promised he'd be back, but he never came back. The news that the Black Hawks got into an accident, never got out of Japan, let go reaching Italy. Because Adina and her mother didn't know this, Adina grew up with only her mother, while believing her father had left them for his own, selfish reasons. As she grew up, she started to hate her father and was unconsciously seeking for someone she could look up to. At the age of seven, she moved to Japan, where she attended Ravendale Elementary.


Adina has red bangs, and wavy, pink hair. She nearly always wears a blue cap on her head. Her eyes are grey. She usually wears the Ravendale Elementary uniform, or the Black Hawks uniform. Her casual clothes consists out a short, pink, sleeveless vest with a lightblue shirt underneath, purple pants and white-grey boots.

When she tried to look like Hikari, she dyed her hair black, and wore the same sneakers as Hikari did, but she still wore the Ravendale Elementary uniform.


She has a great admiration for the captain of the team, Hikari, and ever since she heard of her, she tries to look like Hikari. She sees Hikari like a hero, sometimes calling her "sensei", and is always looking up to her. Even though that, Hikari doesn't like her back, even calling her "annoying". After Arashi explained to her why Hikari acts like that, she looks up to her even more, but stays true to herself, not trying to imitate Hikari anymore, and realizing that she is who she is, not someone else.


  • [SH] Rose Comet
  • [SH] Blossom Ray
  • [OF] Leaf Ripper
  • [OF] Void Bolt
  • [DF] Emerald Blockade
  • [DF] Amethyst Sniper