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  • This happens in Challenge to the World Arc.
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The girl requesting for help

"Everyone, practice time is over! Please take your obento!" Haruna shouts from the manager's seat.

Everyone runs toward her and takes the obento.

"Ha? This isn't the obento made by Nonomi-san!"

"Fine then, Kogure-kun. Don't eat it."Haruna glares at Kogure and takes his obento away.

"Give me back!!"

"They sure look fun." Said Hijikata as he watches Kogure chases Haruna for his obento.

"Hijikata-kun, who's that girl?"

Everyone stopped their movement and look at the girl beside the training field that Hiroto pointed. She realizes that everyone is looking at her way. She looks at her left and right, she looks at her dress, then she looks at Inazuma Japan players again.

"What are you looking at? Is there something wrong with my dress?" She beginning to panic and sweat. Soon, someone made a move....

"Hello there, how may I help you? I am Kino Aki, one of the Inazuma Japan's managers."

"Hello Aki-chan! I'm Cream. Cream Ookizawa."

"Endou-kun! Can you please come here for a moment?" Aki waves her hand, calling for Endou Mamoru; Inazuma Japan captain.

"I'm sorry but are you searching for anyone?" Endou pats his hand beside his head as if a soccer ball has been hit at his head.

"Wait...... WAIT!!!! Did you called him, Endou?! That's his name?!"

"Yes? He is Inazuma Japan captain.? Is there anythi...."

"Ohmygosh! IthoughtitwasyoubutIneverthinkitwasyou! MyteammatessentmeheretosearchforEndouMamorutofighttheevilsoccergoddessthatonetodestroysoccer,myworld,andyourworld!" Cream says non stop but Endou manage to caught some of the important parts.

"Evil Soccer Goddess wanted to take away soccer and destroy the worlds?"

"Eh? Endou-kun, how do you know about the goddess?"

"Erm.....You said it just now?"

"Ohyesohyes! HowcouldIletitslip!!! OKAY, Here I go! Endou, the secret organization from my world mistakenly released the curse from the coffins deep down in the lost tomb. It releases two maiden, one is a maiden of darkness; Hera and the other one is a maiden of light; Heva. They are know as Soccer Goddess. Many of my teammates injured because of the attacks and the other who are still fine, sent me here to get you and your teammates to help us!"

Everyone left their obento and walks beside Endou. They does seems curious.

"And where exactly is your WORLD?" Kidou asked.

"Earth of course! I'm from Japan but another-dimension Japan."

"If it's soccer we're talking about, I'm not holding back anything! Who's with me?!"Endou turns around and looks at everyone.

Slowly, everyone raises their hand and smiles.

"That settle it! We're going! Send us there Ookizawa!"

Ookizawa takes out her phone and called someone.

"Suma-kun! Help is on the way! Send us back! Location; T3 Negative1.5 meters Q Vxy X103726. Yosh, Let's Go!!"

A black hole appears above them and suck them all in.

Last Note

  • Chap 1 is completed.
  • Hera is not named after one of the Greek Goddess; Hera.
  • Hera and Heva is my Japanese version of calling Hell and Heaven.