This is a fanfic about two relationships in Storm Legends.It is written in Two-Style

Loretta thinking

Loretta thinking of Aiden

Fubuki Atsuya thinking

Aiden thinking of Loretta

Main Characters

Aiden(Me) and Loretta~Chan

Andy-kun and Kazemaru~Chan

The story

"She wont like me,i just know it..." Aiden taught by himself.But on the other side, Loretta taught: "Why would he like me?"

Loretta walked to Aiden "H-Hey Aiden"

"Owh,Hey L-Loretta..."

"So...Whats up...?" Loretta asked nerviously.

"Not mutch" Aiden Replied."Look,i got to tell you something..."

"You too?" Loretta asked qeustioning.

"You may go first" Aiden said.

"No,you may go first"

"Okay then...I..."

"You what,Aiden?"

"I love you..."


"I am such a baka,aint i...?" Aiden asked.

"Of course your not..." Loretta replied. " you too"

They looked eachother in the eyes,leaning closer and closer until their lips touched...


Andy-Kun:Kazemaru~Chan!!!!Today was MY day to choose what we're going to eat!You've already chosen for three days!

Kazemaru~Chan:Girls go first,Andy!

Andy:Well imma sick of ya!


Andy:I am sick of you,always wanting to be the first!

Isabella fleed to her room.Andy followed her a few seconds after that.


Isabella:Why would i?So you can insult me more!?


Isabella:You what?

Andy:I apologize...


Andy:I was overraging myself...

Isabella:No,it's my fault.You were right.

Andy:You know what?I finally know why we're acting so against eachother...

Isabella:What do you mean...?

Andy:We...or at least you...

Isabella:Thats a good explanation,but what's the real deal?

Andy:No...i love you...

Isabella:I...Me too...


Hope you liked it!

Let my cold wind flow in your heart 22:22, March 31, 2012 (UTC)

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