This is a fanfiction made by InazumaFan (日本語) . This is a Christmas special fanfiction.

Characters and their wishlist

  • Endou Mamoru (can't think of something, so anything can do)
  • Kino Aki (A kiss from Endou)
  • Kidou Yuuto (a hug from Haruna)
  • Urabe Rika (a hug from Ichinose)
  • Otonashi Haruna (a dress from Kidou)
  • Kogure Yuuya (a hug from Haruna, he just stole Kidou's wish)
  • Raimon Natsumi (a dress from Endou)
  • Gouenji Shuuya (a hug from Yuuka)
  • Gouenji Yuuka (a teddy bear from Shuuya)
  • Ichinose Kazuya (a letter from Aki, a romantic one)

Story Starts now!!~


After classes ended in the afternoon of the snowy 20th day of December, Endou rushes to the old, messy clubroom, finding himself in a place that the three managers are organizing. Also, all members are already there, that is, waiting for Endou.

"Oh, hi, Endou-kun" Natsumi greeted welcome to the captain who is apparently, late.

"Natsumi, what are you doing?"

"We'll tell you right after we're done." Otonashi replied right after he asked.

"Ah, sure..."

"I wonder what would it be..." Kabeyama thought to himself.

"Maybe it's a cleaning training, which is part of our practice!!" Kurimatsu replied, "Cleaning is exercising too, right?"

"Good point, or maybe..." Kidou replied.

"What is it?!" Kabeyama and Kurimatsu asked in excitement and curiosity.

"...I have no idea..."

Then everybody kind of *sweatdropped*

Natsumi then shouts: "Okay, minna! In five days, we will have our Christmas party!!"


(I'll just put the details in a separate page as an omake, so...)


It's the party. Everyone seemed prepared with the gifts.

As Shuuya gave Yuuka a cute little (I meant big) teddy bear, Yuuka gave Shuuya a hug, as both requested. Ichinose received a love letter, however, came from Rika (TT___TT)... Rika also got a hug from Ichinose, but Ichinose ran away shortly after the hug (O_____O).

Kidou gave Haruna a beautiful dress, and in exchange, Haruna hugged him. Kogure asked a hug from Haruna with a blushing face. As she hugged him, Kogure tricked Haruna, and received a croaky ( I meant a frog) in return.

Then Natsumi received a gift from Endou. It was a dress. A beautiful one. Natsumi knew that Aki is watching them, carrying a flushed face. Then...

"Endou-kun..." Natsumi called him.

"What is it?" Endou asked.

"Thanks for the gift, so I should give you one too..."

"What do you..."

Then Natsumi goes to the back of Aki and pushed her, making Aki "kiss" Endou accidentally on the cheek. Basically, both blushed.

Touko came and asked Natsumi: "I know that you have some crush with Endou. Then why don't you kiss him too?"

"No, I'm happy with these," Natsumi smiled as she hold the beautiful dress, "Anyway, why don't you ask him too? I know you have feelings for him too..."

"Nah, I already did before..."


So the Christmas party ended with Endou and Aki catching attention from the Raimon students.


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