This is Chapter 3 of the fanfic, "Let's Play Soccer! The Twisted Adventure! Here's the summary of the whole story and its chapters so far...Let's Play Soccer!~ Summary!


"H-hey! Wait for meeee!!!" Rese said as Nagumo and Suzuno were dribbling the soccer ball.

"Come and get it, Rese!" Nagumo taunted.

The trio were having fun the whole day! Playing like they never played before! They seemed to enjoy it too.

"Nagumo, heads up!!!" Suzuno warned.

Nagumo jumped high up!

"Wh-where'd you learn that, N-nagumo?!" The two, Rese and Suzuno said. "Just a little more practice, and no one'd be able to steal that from you!" Rese added.

"Heh. Awesome, isn't it?" Nagumo bragged.

"I think I could steal it from you!" Suzuno snickered.

Nagumo jumped high up once again! But Suzuno jumped high too! Suzuno slammed the ball with his foot, but so did Nagumo, what's more, they did it at the same time!

Rese felt a cold breeze in the air, but it was scorching hot!! She looked up and saw a glimpse of hot flames and cold ice.

"W-w-woah! That was awesome!! But...what was it?" Rese said, puzzled.

"Hm.. I don't know either..." Suzuno said.

"Well, no time to answer now! I have to go home! Or else I won't be seeing you for 3 months!" Nagumo laughed.

"I have to go too.. I don't wanna find out how long I'll be gone if I come home late.." Suzuno replied.

"Oh, okay! See you tomorrow, I guess.. Same time, same place?" Rese asked.

"Heh, you bet!" Nagumo said.

"I guess so!" Suzuno said with a smile.

"Bye!!~" They said to each other.

"Today was amazing! I hope we get to play tomorrow, too.." Rese said while walking home.

"Onii-chaaaaaan!~ I'm hooooome!~" Rese shouted.

"Rese! Where have you been?! You came home later than usual!" Her big brother said.

"Really? I didn't notice!" Rese smiled. "Well, I met two awesome pals today!" She added.

"H-huh?! Oh, I mean..T-that's good..."He said, worried.

"Hm?~ What's wrong..?" Rese asked.

"Nothing! Don't mind me..I'm just tired." He replied.

"Okay then.. I'm gonna eat now..." Rese said with a confused look on her face.

3 hours have passed, and Rese fell asleep..

"Wh-what am I gonna do now? I-i don't want to lose my little sister..Just like that time...!! Th-that man...His crimes, I don't know what to do!! Those new friends of hers might be spies sent by him! O-or worse..! The-they might give information to him! B-but, for now..I never saw Rese this happy before..I guess I'll let it slide for now.." He whispered to himself.

Tears filled his eyes as he remembered what "that man" did to his parents.



Well.. that's Ch.3~ I hope you like it! Comments & suggestions are welcome!!~

Thanks for readin'!!!

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