A Chronological Nightmare - My Life, is a first-person story about Kiyama Sakura's life from her point of view. It is written as if she is telling the story.

CHARACTERS (So far. NOT in order of appearance)

Kiyama Sakura (as the first-person narrator)

Kiyama Hiroto



Hiroto and Sakura's mother

Hiroto and Sakura's father

Kira Rene

Juliette Van Husenne

Master Helix Zectai

Endou Mamoru

Gouenji Shuuya

Kidou Yuuto

Kazemaru Ichirouta

Kabeyama Heigorou

Tsunami Jousuke

Kurumatsu Teppai

Kogure Yuuya

Tobitaka Seiya

Fudou Akio

Fubuki Shirou

Utsonomiya Toramaru

Hijikata Raiden

Midorikawa Ryuuji

Sakuma Jirou

Someoka Ryuugo

Tachimukai Yuuki

Otonashi Haruna

Kino Aki

Raimon Natsumi

Kudou Fuyuka





Kiyama Sakura tells the full story of her life with every detail in first person.


Sakura was in the car with her brother, Hiroto, her mother and her father on the way back from Hiroto's soccer match. Her dad loses control of the car and there is a massive crash. Her mum and dad die and her brother survives. She dies too though her body is taken hostage by a teenage demon boy who gives her life again though wishes to sacrifice her to resurrect his Lord. Sakura is rescued by Sein, a teenage angel and lives in Heaven's Garden for years, waiting for a hero to rescue her. I promise that this will be more exciting in detail!


  • This fanfic is multi-chapter.
  • I do not recommend this fanfic to people under 10, due to bad language, scenes involving violence and blood.
  • I could possibly use OCs from other people, though I will ask permission first and give all credit to them.

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