YAY! Finally!!! Chapter 3 is here~ This chapter is the completion of Master Helix and Sakura's conversation. In this chapter Sakura begins to develop her alien alias.

"What...just happened?" I said out load, to no-one in paticular

"I'm helping you" Father replied

"Helping me with what?"

"As I told you - you are now an alien. You will need an alien alias - a new name, a new personality, a new appearance and others"

"That sounds exciting!" I smiled

"Can you think of any names?" he asked me, smiling too. I considered it, trying to think of a new name for my alien persona. Yuki, Hana, Kenari, Megami - they were all nice names. Yuki meaning snow, Hana meaning flower, Kenari meaning pretty and Megami meaning goddess.

"How about Hana?" I suggest

"That's nice" he smiled back "Hana it is"

"Next we should start modifying your appearance"

"How do you mean?" I ask, fiddling with my striking red hair that reached about an inch past my shoulders.

"How about re-coloring your hair?" he asked, eyeing my bright locks

"Am I allowed any color I want?" I ask him, and he nods

"Any color at all" he grins slightly

"Please can I have purple?" I ask him

"Of course, just imagine what you want to look like" he told me, and I do so. He instructs me to close my eyes and imagine very clearly. "Now open your eyes" he tells me, and I do as he says. Father then asks me what I think. I look down at the glass platform to survey my appearance, and gasp in delight -

Kii Haruka 1

Hana's appearance

My hair is now a bright purple. It's slightly shorter than my last hairstyle and it's in a completely different style - but it's perfect! My hair is slightly spikey, and my fringe almost reaches my nose but is swept neatly to the side. I have shoulder-length bangs with sky-blue tips and the rest of my hair is also tipped with azure-blue.


That's me.

Goodbye little Sakura, and hello demonic bad-girl Hana!

Issho ni wa totemo sensai ni ukabudarou... 18:31, April 6, 2012 (UTC)

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